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I am 30 years old, going on timeless The only goal I’ve ever really had is to live a life of great adventure, but I’m also quite cautious and indecisive which is why I think taking healthy risks and exposing myself to fear is essential for me.

I have many loves: I love to ski and climb mountains, and I also love a sassy bikini and laying in the sun. I find solace in open spaces and starry nights. I know I need to feel the wind in my hair at least once a day whether it be a on bicycle, running, on the slopes, or standing in the wind. I love storms, yet although today is a stormy ski day, I choose to rest and write to you in front of a warm fire. I love to write, yet I have a hard time giving myself the time to do it. I am full of ideas and dreams. I also have a really hard time keeping a tidy bedroom. I love the Smiths and Cardi B.

I’ve been diagnosed with major depression but what I’m realizing is perhaps is nothing wrong with me at all. Perhaps it’s been my thoughts, my expectations and perceptions mixed in with a few bad moments, but for the most part, shit is lit. I am working on having compassion for myself and others. My personal goal is to become my truest self possible, whatever that may be. While it makes others feel crazy because they cannot control it, I find relief in knowing there are things that are out of my jurisdiction. My overthinking is my worst enemy and I am working on that.

In many ways, I am as blessed as can be. I have a really great princess dog and a really great family. I come from a long line of wild women and I hope to honor their lineage in this brief moment in time we call life.

May peace be with you, Holly 

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