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Being healthy and strong is a lifestyle and a life-long journey. It must start from the inside and from the ground up building on sound principles and practices; timeless, classic exercises that are eternal. There are no trends, tricks or false promises made here. It’s all about state of mind, .body, emotional and spiritual balance.

CirqularX is a program I’ve developed over my 35 years of seeing what works and what doesn’t. I want to show you how to bring the fun back into your workout – as a matter of fact, let’s stop calling it working out and start calling it “Playing Out”! To be successful we must enjoy what we do and adjust perspective. We must take care of our bodies in kind ways: exercise, good nutrition, time spent in Mother Nature, meditation and contemplation. Let’s keep it fun and simple and save our energy flow to enjoy our life!

With the help of Lucinda’s Tribe, CirqularX will get you on the path or dirt road, off to your next big adventure! Join now to see how 12 months of Playing Out will change the way you see things too.

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