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Lucinda is a teacher, trainer, educator, lover of the outdoors, and exercise enthusiast. She was the founder and owner of City Fitness Gym, Cleveland Park, which was the longest standing women-owned fitness business in Washington DC.  Lucinda is NASM-certified Personal Trainer, NASM-certified Behavior Change Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM-certified Nutrition Coach, NASM-certified Performance Enhancement/Athletic Training, and a RYT 500-Hour Master Yoga Teacher, Lucinda has been teaching fitness for 35 years. Recently Lucinda has been a contributor to the Health and Wellness for Stroll Cleveland Park Neighborhood magazine.

Since her first Jazzercise class at the age of seventeen, Lucinda knew that she wanted to devote her life to fitness, and pledged to be a fitness and diet consultant for “the Rich and Famous.” While teaching aerobics at Total Workout in Vista, California, Lucinda received her certification from The University of California-San Diego in Adult Fitness and Management. In 1983 she began working as a fitness trainer and instructor for the very exclusive health spa Cal-A-Vie in Vista, California.

In 1984 Lucinda moved to the east coast. While working at The Norwich Inn and Spa in Connecticut she was chosen as the lead trainer for the Sports Illustrated Super Shape-Up video series with supermodels Elle McPherson, Rachel Hunter and Cheryl Tiegs. From there she moved to Washington D.C. and began working with a business partner and Fit Physique, Inc. teaching fitness classes all over Washington in places such locations as The US State Department, US Marshal Service, The National Science Foundation, and The National Gallery of Art. In addition, she worked as Fitness Director for the Watergate Health Club and owned her own personal trainer business, Energy Flow.

Lucinda consulted with the former owners of City Fitness to design the Cleveland Park gym and creation of the fitness class program. She worked there as manager and Fitness Class Director until she became business partners with Fit Physique, Inc. and purchased City Fitness Gym. This fulfilled a long-time goal of owning her very own gym. Lucinda created a successful yoga program that includes studio-caliber classes at corporate sites and City Fitness Gym, and the Samayama Yoga Teacher Training Program. At the age of 50, Lucinda tried pole dancing fitness classes and fell in love. She went on to compete in the Ms. Pole Pressure competition and also got her certificate to teach Pole Pressure Pole Fitness Classes. Most recently Lucinda has been focusing on "Yoga for First Responders" at a local fire station and teaching country western line dancing.

Lucinda is an avid outdoor devotee. She loves to hike, road bike, snowboard and backpack. She has taken many trips into the back country in the High Sierra including the Mono Pass Trail, Pine Creek Trail, and 200 miles on the John Muir Trail from Tuolumne Meadows exiting New Army Pass. She enjoys backpacking and camping in the Shenandoah Mountains on the Appalachian Trail and in the Cherokee National Forest. She is certified in NOLS Wilderness First Aid and is always looking for new trails and enjoys planning her trips and adventures as much as taking them.

In her cherished free time, she loves to play in nature, garden, hike, and spend time with her family – her son and two beautiful grandchildren. Other interests include reading, journaling, having coffee and spending time with friends and loved ones, dancing, playing softball, shooting baskets and taking road trips! Lucinda’s motto for life is, “Be kind, look for beauty in everything and everyone, and most of all be grateful!”


The single most powerful investment we can ever make in life is to investment in ourselves, in the only instrument we have with which to deal with life and to contribute.  We are the instruments of our own performance, an to be effective, we need to recognize the importance of taking time regularly to sharpen the saw.

Steve Covey

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