Aundria, who goes by Andy, is and has always been an artist and a trend setter. As a teen she was sketching fashion and faces. Her art is inspired by her love of music -the style of Steve Tyler from Aerosmith, Madonna and Prince inspire her re -imagined denim rock n roll jackets with vintage velvet and animal print fabric, rare native beading, crystals, rhinestones and lace.

Andy’s painting are of modern landscapes, flowers, insects and south western inspired cow skulls. She is a Master Gardener and organic farmer specializing in wildflowers, perennials, succulents, healing herbs and vegetables.

As the wife of a beekeeper, she loves cooking shows and cooking for her family using what they grow and harvest. Her workout choice is dancing in her living room in her 6-inch heels, Daisy Duke cut offs and cowboy hat!


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