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My friend, Kelly

Today I have a little angel reminding me to take the time to love yourself and others.  We do not know when we will meet our maker.  During our time we should show compassion, smiles and kindness to others.   Why do most let the business  of life get in the way of lifting up each other. Your little acts can influence positive changes in a persons life.

Just to give you a little background, I had my first child at 19. Most people at that age are trying to find out who they are and learning how to be a grown up.  During that time my husbands coworker and wife Kelly were so kind inviting us to dinners, giving my husband a ride to work etc.  During those dinners I thought to myself these are grownups they have their life together.  I thought I want to be like this when I grow up . Funny thing, she was only 10 year older and probably trying to figure out her life too.  Long story short, she invited me to be apart of a co-op preschool.  She also encouraged me to be a part of fundraising efforts and Relay For Life. This helped me with my social interactions.   This also gave me opportunity to donate my time to help others.

During what little time I knew her she accomplished so many things.  She purchased my favorite coffee shop and completely transformed  it.  She even let me have art show there.  Just remember… that if you put the energy into something you can make many things happen. Don’t rely on “someday”.  Just put your dreams into action.  Start planning and doing.

Looking back I now realize people are placed in our lives to help us grow.  Even if they are in your life momentarily.  She wasn’t someone I hung out with all the time. But the moments we shared she alway had a huge smile and great advice.  She died so suddenly.  It hit me hard.  She had children the same age as mine.  It seemed unreal that a healthy, active young woman, would suddenly pass away.  We all know we have a expiration date. Every time someone dies, it’s a reality check.

How can we learn from our friends who are longer with us?  I have learned that life is good. Every morning we wake up and should greet the day by saying “Thank you God for another day of health and time to be with the ones I love”.  Quit putting your goals on the back burner. Hug your kids. Be a good friend, spouse, mother and daughter.  You never know, your kind words or smile can really encourage people and make their day.

Kelly, I will always remember your beautiful smile and laugh. Thank you for taking the time to lift me up when I was just a baby myself.   I’m having a cup of coffee in memory of you .  I wish you were my barista today.

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